How to report a problem

To help us solve your problem effectively it would be great if you could provide as many details about your issue as you can.

Basic information to include in your problem description:

  1. Summarize your problem in two sentences. 
  2. Break down the problem into a longer description with as many details as you think might be necessary to understand the problem without having to ask for any clarification from our side. What were your expectations when you started this task and what happened instead that looks like a problem or bug?
  3. Which version of Scatter are you using? It is typically recommended to upgrade to the newest version for the latest fixes and features.
  4. Which operating system are you using?
  5. Which browsers have you tried? Do all show the same behavior?

Additional information with a bit of extra effort on your part that might go a long way giving us very valuable information and save time:

  1. Screenshots are typically always helpful in clarifying where exactly an issue. Nowadays you can take screenshots easily on any device.
  2. You can display additional log messages in Scatter by pressing F12. These are especially helpful when having a problem in the Scatter app itself. If the problem is instead on the website that is interacting with Scatter at the time then open the developer console in your browser instead. After opening the developer console try replicating your problem again and see if anything shows up in these logs. If so copy and paste or screenshot these details.
  3. Your account name (EOS) or public address (other blockchains) if it might be relevant to help us quickly look up public information for your specific account.