Why can't I use my tokens or how to unstake EOS tokens

If you find that you can not access all of your tokens, it may be because some of them are "staked". Staked tokens are shown in RED.

You are seeing your tokens as "staked" because you've set them aside as resources that give you access to the EOS network! This is actually what you want to do. In general 30-50 EOS is a fine amount for most users. When these are staked to CPU and RAM, you will have the ability to run smart contracts, like games, dexes, etc.

To unstake your tokens, simply go into your account and click on "manage" next to the resource which has the tokens staked to it.

Set your preferred amount and hit the confirm button.

PLEASE NOTE: The way that staking works on the EOS network means that once you unstake there is a 72 hour period during which those tokens are being unfrozen. After the 72 hours they will show up as unstaked and you can move them to whatever exchange or purpose you like.