Updating keys for permissions using Scatter

You can use Scatter to update the keys for your ACTIVE and OWNER permissions.

Create a new key

You'll start by going to "add keys" and creating a new key for the permission that you want to change. Make sure to keep this key stored safely!

Once you have this key copied somewhere safe, you can proceed to the next step.

Assign the new key to your account's permission

Open the account you want to update and click on the "change permissions" button. This will prompt you for your password. Please enter your password to continue.

Select the key from the dropdown, or paste the private key into the input field. Hit the "Change Permissions" button at the bottom. 

Reimport your key and Refresh your account

Depending on whether your private key is imported or not, you may have to "add keys" and import your new key. Scatter will scan the blockchain and import your associated account.